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Tool // Live @ KFC Yum! Center // 5.8.2019

Article and Photos by: Nick Durcholz


Louisville, KY – A plethora of sound seething, saturating, corroding the thin alloy of reality surrounding the cortex until time and space drip down in rivulets to a pool of plausibility.

Nope, just Tool bringing an entire arena to aural climax. From Opiate to 10,000 Days this band has quite a story, but arguably the most fascinating part of that tale is the incredibly natural and complex metamorphosis their sound has gone through. A fluid transformation such as the tides ebb and flow. An aggressive infancy, a slightly confusing adolescence that make some uncomfortable, etc. All of this a gorgeous result of lyrics fracked from multiple layers of emotion and a tremendously creative, purposeful prose of notes and rapids of rhythms.

Wednesday night’s condensed journey was nebulous and poignant, yet carefully crafted. “Intolerance” and “Jambi” were fist-flinging ferocities and “Parabol-Parabola” and “Schism” were intense but heady jams. That being said, every single song was near perfectly executed. These men wear their many rows of clefs and bars from over the year proudly and clearly on their egregious garb.

After intermission the bands lasers spelled out AUGUST 30th very sharply on giant sheer sheets of cloth draped in front of the stage. And this is the big news — their journey will continue to evolve with a new album on said date. Immediately, the place exploded in bombastic cries of joy. Shortly after, drummer Danny Carey blasted the crowd with a psychedelic, percussive squall with the arm power of an octopi. The whole band was incredible, but Mr. Carey stole the show.

Oh yeah, and — Danny. Carey. Is. Thor! It was nice to be one of 40,000 voices wishing the god of thunder a happy birthday.

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