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The Black Keys & Band of Horses // Ruoff Music Center // 7.16.22

Article and Photos by: Nick Durcholz


Noblesville, IN — Languid riffs mingled with sweet, chortled longing floating the Whip-Poor-Wills and nighthawks on the milky air on a close Hoosier night in July.

It was a layered but lackadaisical potion for sure, like being cycled in and out of a time warp. One moment seeing the marks of our modern society, then the genuine, driving vintage rock and blues sounds flipped the scene into tangerine-seared soiree from a bygone time with folks around nursing alcoholic beverages from puncture top cans while showing lots of skin. This environment and vibe was conjured completely from a sober mind, believe it or not.

Deer Creek, Verizon Wireless Music Center, Klipsch Music Center, Ruoff Music Center – no. None of that. Deer Creek. Now and forever. It is an outdoor chapel of sorts for this reviewer, and I’ve been tardy from it’s services much too long. This reviewer felt the concerts of yesteryear in all of their expansive, shiny chaos fade away triggered by Band of Horses presiding with “The Funeral.” What injected itself into the anxious, tepid fingertips of the reviewer was a slightly more governed, but just as warm, spiritual elixir boosted with wisdom.

The dosage was stuck by the Black Keys slinging the favorites like “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Howlin’ for You” while seeing zoomers dancing to the notes that are creed. This concertgoer’s heart overflowed.

Shortly after, the duo unleashed tracks from Delta Kream that could’ve filled all the first blues halls in Memphis. Simple and soulful. They were helped along the journey by at least one other musician that took part in that sultry history. Back into the time warp straight to one of those smoky, poignant rooms filled with bold culture. Then, the keys started back into new stuff from the latest album Dropout Boogie. All this may sound whiplash inducing, but it was flowing, evolving experience that made for a perfect homecoming of sorts. 

The Black Keys brought it. Band of Horses brought it. The humidity chanted, the rain balked and this man rejoiced.  



Nick Durcholz
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