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Blacktop Mojo // Live @ Elevation 27 // 3.2.23

Article and photos by: Wendy Podmenik Woodell

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA– The show at Elevation 27 on Thursday night was the kick off for “The Emerald Cities Tour”, and the line to the entrance circled around the venue and extended down the block. It featured Sumo Cyco as the opener, Blacktop Mojo holding up the mid-set and closed with headliner Nonpoint.

The crowd was pumped up for a great night journeying through the land of “Oz” by the end of Sumo Cyco’s boisterous set. Matt James, vocalist of Blacktop Mojo, took to the stage garbed in a pimp-status faux fur coat, ready to swagger and spread some love for rock n’ roll. Hailing from Texas, this band has 4 studio albums to their credit, with another currently in production. Blacktop Mojo has a dedicated fan base here in Hampton Roads that had been eagerly awaiting their return after the last tour stop here in 2021.

Starting off with “Stratus Melancholia” (also affectionately known by the band by the original title “Cloudy Day Bullshit”), the band immediately jumped into action to keep the energy rolling. By the third song, Matt removed his fur coat and was channeling Steven Tyler rockstar vibes. To top it off, bassist Catt Murtis does his best to steal the show with his outrageous expressions and relentless dancing around the stage. The song list included “Do it for the Money”, “Strike Me”, and “Where the Wind Blows”. Due to timing constraints, Blacktop’s set list was abbreviated and the final song was fan favorite, a cover of Aerosmith‘s “Dream On”. This band, with it’s original mix of rock, blues and a touch of grunge, is polished and ready for the big time.

The Emerald Cities tour concludes at the end of March in Texas. It’s a solid show; a nice wake up from winter and a great way to start the concert season. Find upcoming dates at website:

Wendy Podmenik Woodell
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