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Them Dirty Roses // Live @ Riverfront Live // 3.24.23

Article & photos: Linda Carlson

Cincinnati, OH – Drizzling rain did not discourage fans from attending an evening of authentic southern-steeped rock at Riverfront Live.  A dedicated throng of fans of all ages enjoyed the heart-thumping rock rhythms by regional favorite The Josephines and headliner Them Dirty Roses, from Nashville.  T-shirts from both bands were sprinkled throughout the crowd.

The Josephines hail from Bowling Green, KY, and are Brad Tabor (vocals, guitar), Zach Lindsey (guitar), Alex Lindsey (guitar, lap/pedal steel) and David Page (drums).

The Josephines

Formed in 2017, this band of locals cemented their shared heritage by taking the name of the street they all at one point lived on (Josephine Street) as their band name.  This cohesion extends to their music, a robust and raw, gritty rock sprinkled with southern bluegrass elements, and to their stage presence, as well.

The band’s performance had the crowd cheering.  “Maggie’s Bones” was a rambunctious favorite.

The musical transition to Them Dirty Roses was seamless, a perfect pairing with their opener.  James Ford (vocals, guitar), Andrew Davis (guitar), Ben Crain (bass), and Frank Ford (drums) each claims Alabama roots, which feature strongly in their southern rock inspired catalog.

Them Dirty Roses

With songs like “Whiskey in My Cup,” “Beer Cans and Tire Swings,” “Sunday Drunk,” “Cocaine and Whiskey,” and “What Your Daddy Doesn’t Know,” the band taps into themes of good times mingled with mischievous frolic and abandon.

During a powerful drum solo, Frank Ford was joined by brother James who, with drumsticks in hand, together delivered deliciously layered heart-pounding beats side-by-side on the drum kit.

Them Dirty Roses are touring consistently, with upcoming stops including Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado and more.  Check their evolving schedule: for details.

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Linda Carlson
Linda has been photographing people since she was ten. Forever intrigued by the complex beauty of the human form, she brings the eye of a portraitist to the unpredictability and spectacle of the concert scene.