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Explosions in the Sky // Live @ Kings Theater // 10.5.23

Article and Photos by: Jennifer Hong


BROOKLYN, NY – Post rock instrumental band, Explosions in the Sky, kicked off their New York tour dates at Kings Theater Thursday night. With their latest album released on September 15th, 2023 they are currently in the middle of their “The End Tour.”

The theater was packed all the way from the pit to the mezzanine with eager fans. As an ambient instrumental group, once the members made their way to the stage, the noise and chatter quickly faded in anticipation of the first note played. In celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place album, Explosions in the Sky opened their setlist with “First Breath After Coma” from their highly-acclaimed album (and my personal favorite), which was released in 2003. Of course, they didn’t stop there. Among other hits from that album that made it to Thursday’s setlist included, “Your Hand in Mine” and “The Only Moment We Were Alone.” As they recently released their new album End, they featured songs from there like “Loved Ones” and “The Fight.”



Their stage was modest and their light production was simple, yet effective. With a captivating floor ring light surrounding the band, the instrumental rock guitar perfectly paired with the lighting design and created an even more moving atmosphere. To add to visuals, Explosions in the Sky made amazing use of the fog machine to highlight and emote the reds and blues. There were many great moments with fans cheering on the moments of an intense, emotional build up or bridge in a song. There’s something very special and different about a pure instrumental concert like this where fans aren’t required or compelled to sing-along to the words — only the beautiful melody, layers, and textures of the music.


Explosions in the Sky are scheduled for two more New York City shows at Bowery Ballroom and will continue “The End Tour” through November 2023. Tickets are available here: