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Infected Rain // Live @ London Roundhouse // 3.24.24

Article and Photos by: Amy Walf


The iconic Roundhouse, a former railway engine shed near the alternative streets of London’s Camden Town, provided the perfect setting for Moldovan heavy metal band Infected Rain’s fierce and intense performance, with its intimate yet grand atmosphere. The highly anticipated show was met with excitement and energy from both the band and the audience. Five years after their last performance in the city.

The band kicked off the set with “The Realm Of Chaos” from their 2022 5th full length studio album Ecdysis (which features guest vocals from Heidi Shepherd of Butcher Babies). Singer Lena Scissorhands seamlessly took on both parts, and further showcased her range with songs “Never To Return” and “Pandemonium” from their newest album Time.

Lena’s ability to switch between growls and hauntingly beautiful clean vocals captivated the audience, offering ethereal moments between their diverse nu metal , EDM and metal core sound.

Time also introduced us to newest member Alice Lane on bass, delivering harder hitting bass-lines and beautiful energy on stage. With intense guitar riffs and thunderous drumming, the crowd was immersed in the dark and melodic atmosphere, jumping around in mosh pits and crowd surfing. Infected Rain’s energy was – no pun intended – infectious. They interacted with the audience and made sure everyone was having a great time. Overall, their tour finale at the Roundhouse was a smashing success, solidifying their place in the metal scene and leaving fans eagerly awaiting their return.


Amy Walf
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