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Bayside // Live @ Rams Head Live!// 04.05.24

Article and Photos by: Kimmi Taylor


Baltimore, MD — It was a jam packed night at the Rams Head Live!, as four bands took to the stage to entertain the crowd.


Winona Fighter, were first to grace the stage tonight. This Nashville based, female-fronted band, delivered a pop-punk explosive set from the first moment they took the stage. This was the band that most people were unfamiliar with, but they certainly gained a bunch of new fans tonight! After their set, a huge chunk of the crowd went to their merch table to buy items from their new favorite band. Lead singer, Coco, was even there, greeting and taking pictures with fans!

Winona Fighter

New Jersey – based punk-rockers Armor for Sleep whipped through a 35-minute set that had the fans dancing and singing along. Drummer, Nash Breen, even broke his snare and even had to play a song with it before he could get it changed out. They made sure to thank everyone for supporting them.

Armor for Sleep

Next to the stage was Finch. When the band came on, everyone rushed the stage. They played hits, such as “Letters to you”, “Postscript,” and  “Stay with me”. There was a large sense of nostalgia during some of these throwbacks. Their set ended after nine songs. They saved their fan favorite, “What it is to Burn”, for the end. It had the entire venue (staff included,) singing along!


Finally, Bayside took to the stage! At times, it is hard to believe a band has been around as long as they have and that is definitely the case with Bayside, in a good way. Hailing from New York, Bayside has been around since the early 2000s and were featured on many tours to date. This night happened to be the release date of their new cd, ‘There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive.’ This was a long nineteen songs set and they closed out the night with “Blame it on bad luck” and “Go to hell.” They also treated fans to an encore!


From beginning to end, this show was memorizing. With the tour going to May 5th, be sure to check it out!

Kimmi Taylor
Kimmi has been photographing live music since 2003. She enjoys music, photography, and matcha tea.