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Caroline Rose // Live @ The Lodge // 5.7.24

Article and Photos by: Rudy Salgado


Los Angeles, CA — Following a consecutive couple of months of touring, indie-pop star Caroline Rose brought her infectious energy to a packed Lodge Room on May 7th, 2024. Rose is currently promoting her album, The Art of Forgetting, with a tour through California, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver, Mexico City, and London.

Without hesitation, Rose kicked off her set with “Love / Lover / Friend,” instantly captivating the audience. The venue buzzed with an intimate atmosphere as Rose delighted fans with hits like “Jeannie Becomes A Mom,” “Feel The Way I Want,” and “More Of The Same.” Rose also treated fans to new tracks from “The Art of Forgetting,” including “Miami,” “Love Song for Myself,” “Stockholm Syndrome,” “Tell Me What You Want,” and “Everywhere I Go I Bring the Rain,” keeping the energy high throughout the show.

In a memorable moment showcasing her connection with the audience, Rose briefly disappeared from the stage, only to reappear dramatically behind the crowd, playfully perched atop a bar table before diving into the audience. The ecstatic response from fans as they carried her back to the stage, where she shared a sweet moment with her partner, added an unforgettable touch to the evening.

Between songs, Rose regaled the crowd with hilarious anecdotes. She described attending the Met Gala, watching celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ice Spice command the red carpet with a flurry of camera clicks. As she recounted, photographers meticulously directed the A-listers with calls of “right shoulder,” “left shoulder,” and “now look cool.” When it was finally her turn, however, the clicking stopped. The photographers simply didn’t recognize her. The contrast between that fleeting anonymity and the adoration she received at the Lodge Room was palpable.

Throughout the show, Rose interacted warmly with the crowd, creating a sense of intimacy despite the packed venue. She balanced high-energy rock anthems, where she playfully channeled her inner rockstar, with heartfelt acoustic numbers, showcasing the versatility of her music. The entire performance was a testament to Rose’s talent and her genuine connection with her fans.