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Gotham Season 2 Episode 2 “Knock, Knock” Review

Article by: Brian Toglia


“Ha Ha Ha ha Ha!!!


Full Spoilers Ahead!!


Whoah! Now that is a hell of a follow up to a solid season 2 premiere. There were so many excellent scenes in “Knock Knock” that’s it’s hard to choose my favorite. Before I get into the specifics, I just want to say that this is probably the best episode of Gotham so far through its season-plus of air time. The energy Monday night was great. There were some nice character building scenes and some serious straight up cold violence. This episode had it all.

Behind the facade of an innocent looking apartment building, we find the Mayor in the villain’s lair (sorry that rhymed) with his head locked in a box being threatened by Theo Galavan. It’s interesting that Galavan has already revealed himself to an authority figure, although, it’s unclear if he will ever release him. This scene leads into the newly dubbed “Maniax” squad (more on that in a minute) being told why they were broken out of Arkham. Afterwards, each member is asked to say something with anticipation of their terrorism being televised in some way. When his name is called, Jerome reminds us of his time spent with the circus by producing a great delivery of the classic “Ladies and Gentlemen” followed by an original take on the Joker laugh. Galavan is certainly looking to shock Gotham City into submission with this group of (somewhat stereotypical) theatrical psychopaths.

After blowing the door off the hinges, Bruce is able to explore his father's hidden workspace.
After blowing the door off the hinges, Bruce is able to explore his father’s hidden workspace.

High atop a news building in Gotham, something is amiss! Bodies are falling past the windows sending the people inside into a panic. Low and behold, Jerome and his merry band of Maniax (now spelled out on the ground with the help of the bodies that were thrown off the roof, each with a letter spray painted on to them) are having a little fun. While it seems that Jerome is the clear cut leader, one of the other Maniax challenges his role with a game of Russian Roulette. This is one of the aforementioned “excellent” scenes this week. Cameron Mongahan is doing a fantastic job as Jerome/Joker and this scene really let him shine.

Now at stately Wayne Manor, we find the Dynamic Duo still hanging out in Thomas Wayne’s cave. Bruce is dead set on going through his father’s computer in hopes of finding proof that Wayne Enterprise has been corrupted. Alfred certainly objects! When young Master Wayne turns the computer on, Alfred proceeds to take a blunt object and thoroughly thrash said computer until it ceased to function. The former military man says to Bruce that whatever is on that computer probably got his father killed. AL also points out a few things in the cave to Bruce. The first being a Kevlar Vest hanging next to the computer with two slugs still firmly stuck in the lower half. The second being a pint of blood still hooked up to an IV. What was Thomas Wayne actually doing with his time? Was TW actually a vigilante, or just being cautious? This is yet another way for Gotham to change the history of Batman. I’m very interested in seeing where this storyline goes. Anyway, Bruce is not too happy with Alfred, and proceeds to fire him (we knew that wouldn’t last and, of course, Big Al gets rehired later in the episode).

Jerome believes there's nothing more contagious than laughter.
Jerome believes there’s nothing more contagious than laughter.

Here we have just another day at Gotham PD, or so it seems. The new Commish seems highly motivated and extremely happy that Jim Gordon has found a lead to the Maniax murders (suggested to him by non other than Harvey “Happy Bartender” Bullock). Turns out these weren’t random murders at all. Obviously the show needed a way to bring Jim face to face with the Maniax, and in true “Gotham” style, the GCPD (with its unparalleled effectiveness) figures out where Jerome and Co. will be before they light a bus filled with Gotham City High School cheerleaders ablaze. It was seeming like we would get through an episode without the “cheese” but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. It’s ok though, because the final segment of the show makes up for it in spades!

(Gotham logo twirls towards the screen) Ok! That’s the last one I promise. Where were we? Ah yes, back at the desk of Detective Gordon,  Jim receives a phone call from Barbara. He quickly realizes that she is standing at the door of the GCPD while she is talking to him. A quick chase commences and Jim ends up getting trapped in an alleyway with Barbara and one of the other Maniax. Gordon ends up catching quite the beating at the hands of the mammoth thug! Thankfully for him, it could have gone worse. Disguised as cops (Dark Knight anyone?), Jerome and Pals get into GCPD and lay waste to everything and (almost) everyone. This is a massacre for the ages. A full assault on Gotham PD seemed impossible, yet this crew did exactly that! Atop the list of Victims is the newly crowned Commissioner Essen.  At least she went down with a fight (more like a well placed headbutt)!

After luring Jim out of the precinct; the Maniax! terrorize the place.
After luring Jim out of the precinct; the Maniax! terrorize the place.

The show wraps up with a message from Jerome recorded while doing his thing in the GCPD. The message starts with “Nothing is more contagious than laughter! ” and ends with ” don’t be a cog in the absurd thing that is Gotham, be free!” What a great speech by Jerome! I know I mentioned him a lot this article but he really stole the entire episode! Last scene has Harvey Bullock roll back into GCPD in full cop mode. My man is back!!


This week’s timeline/recap:

  • Theo kidnapped mayor.
  • Joker throwing people off a roof
  • The Maniax are born
  • Bruce and Alfred still in cave
  • Vest with bullets. Thomas the vigilante?
  • Bruce fires Alfred, then rehires him
  • Great scene in Villain’s lair. Russian roulette
  • Harvey gives Jim a lead
  • The Maniax have a uniform (straight jackets)
  • Nygma shows his split personality taking over
  • Cool set up in maniax first caper.
  • Bad payoff a Jim drives bus away.
  • Bruce to begin training (fo realz this time)
  • L Fox and Alfred meet at a bar. Good convo
  • Barbara calls Jim from GCPD
  • Maniax assault GCPD dressed as cops
  • Jim catches a beating… bad
  • GCPD is trashed. Most cops killed
  • Nothing more contagious than laughter!
  • Joker kills Essen
  • Fox helps Bruce. Deep caring for Thomas
  • Why is Bruce allowed into crime scene?
  • Why be a cog, be free! Great Jerome speech
  • Harvey Bullock is back!!
  • No penguin in episode


Episode 2 of Gotham Season 2 kept the ball rolling down the dark path. Can they can keep up this momentum throughout the entire season, we shall see.

4.5/5 Stars



+ Jerome/Joker in full effect

+ Ultra violent

+ Thomas Wayne the vigilante?!

+ Bruce & Alfred reconcile (for good?)

+ Lucius Fox brought into the fold



– Typical Gotham cheese in figuring out

  where the Maniax were so quickly


Note: I will now be reviewing 2 episodes at a time. So I will talk to you all in 2 weeks and review/recap episode 3 and 4.

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