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Album Review: The New Regime – Heart Mind Body & Soul

Article by: Jason Robey


The latest album from the one-man-band known as The New Regime is a wild journey through a myriad of musical styles and moods, with layers and textures that take multiple listenings to pick out. Multi-instrumentalist Ilan Rubin is solely responsible for the writing and performance on Heart Mind Body & Soul, which was released in four installments over a seven-month period, beginning in September of 2019.

The first three E.P.s, individually titled Heart, Mind, and Body, each contained four tracks, which would be collected with the final four tracks for the final album. The opening track, “A Way to Feel Again,” is a suggestion what’s to come, with its 80s new-wave drum beat, hard rock distorted guitars and beautifully layered vocals. Even the most subdued listener will find it nearly impossible to sit still for songs like “You Can Be Whoever You Want to Be” and “Struggle In My Bones.”

Though the album is generally upbeat, it’s not without it’s quieter, more emotional moments. “Sweet Kind Of Suffering” is a unique blend of quick, throbbing bass notes and ethereal synth lines and vocals, while the dark and haunting “Tell Me What You Want” reveals a vulnerable side of Rubin’s songwriting that could find listeners fighting tears.

Heavier rockers like “Smoke & Mirrors” and the album’s title track are sure to be favorites at live shows, with anthemic vocals and thunderous rhythms. The New Regime only got to play a few shows on their tour supporting Silversun Pickups, before the coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of shows across the country. Be on the lookout for tour dates when venues open back up.


Jason Robey
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