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Styx // Live @ Chartway Arena // 8.10.21

Article & photos: Wendy Darugar

NORFOLK, VA- Nearing on 50 years as a band, the incredible classic rockers Styx are currently on tour promoting newest album, Crash of the Crown. Showcasing both older hits and a sprinkling of new material, the setlist not only pleased long time fans but introduced catchy and solid singles that had audience members dancing in front of the stage all night.



Taking the audience on a quick tour through multiple albums, band originals James “JY” Young and Tommy Shaw took time to share little anecdotes on song inspirations. This tour also highlights the appearance of one of the two founding members, bassist Chuck Panozzo. As pre-teens, Chuck and his late brother, drummer John Panozzo, created the band with Young. Styx has a polished presentation; in particular, keyboardist Lawrence Gowan has the flounce and flair of a showman. Decades of experience made for a smooth show and Styx’s vocals were wonderful. The setlist began with rousing new track “The Fight of Our Life”, written by Tommy Shaw and newest band member Will Evankovich. The majority of their 17th studio album was written by the duo, introducing Evankovich as a fresh creative influence in Styx’s sphere. The night also included two other pieces of new material, title track “Crash of the Crown”, a song that speaks of a journey towards truth, light and love, and “Save Us from Ourselves”. The encore highlighted absolute favorites, “Mr. Roboto” and “Renegade”.

Upcoming tour dates:

Sunday Aug 15- Lewisburg, WV

Wednesday Aug 18- Des Moines, IA

Thursday Aug 19- Evansville, IN

Saturday Aug 21- Woodstock, IL

Saturday Sept 4- Milwaukee, WI

Wendy Podmenik Woodell
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