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Matt Maeson // Live @ The NorVa // 5.25.23

Article and photos by Wendy Podmenik Woodell

NORFOLK, VA– Thursday night, the NorVa proudly hosted the second tour date of local singer/ songwriter Matt Maeson. Born and raised in the Hampton Roads area, this talented artist first rose to fame with his debut single, “Cringe”. Initially released in 2016, “Cringe” broke onto the Billboard charts in 2019. In 2020, Maeson followed up with another Billboard charting hit, “Hallucinogenics”. Now signed with Atlantic, his 2022 album Never Had to Leave has featured 4 singles. Current tour That’s My Cue coincides with the release of his fifth single, “Rational”.



Maeson’s work is earthy, honest, and contemplative- his lyrics reflect his predominant influence being that of exploring his faith, without preaching to the audience. The show in Norfolk was nearly sold out, a fan club devoted to the simplicity of a single young man with a guitar, holding the whole wide stage on his own. Growing up as a son of reformed convicts, his families’ turn into evangelism to the fallen was impactful to Maeson in his own journey from faith to drugs and back to faith again. Every song is inspired from his personal experiences, as he watched his family undergo tragedy while ministering to the hardened, and then when he tested his own boundaries and returned to the faith.

I’ve been caught in the words
I’ve been walking for miles
I’ve been walking on purpose
I don’t want to explain
I just want to be lost ‘cuz you know me like that
And I can never decide if I want to be any particular person
There’s a solemn breeze and it’s whispering things that I don’t want to hear

His explorations are set into musical poetry- questions that are powerful and have persisted within humankind for the ages. Open about pain and doubt, asking for answers- a timeless subject. See Matt Maeson as he continues his tour:

Wendy Podmenik Woodell
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