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Allen Mack Myers Moore // Live @ Blue Note Harrison // 2.28.24

Article & Photos by: Linda Carlson

Harrison, OH – Just west of Cincinnati lies the city of Harrison, home to a gem of a music venue, Blue Note Harrison.  It’s unassuming from the outside, but hosts bands of all calibers in an intimate setting that is unique in a world of large venues boasting capacities of thousands.  With low ceilings and a barely elevated stage nestled in a corner of the room, there is a sense of closeness that enhances the intimacy of performances.  There are bar tables with stools and a small open floor in front of the stage for those who care to stand.  It’s almost as if the bands are playing in your living room.  There’s something special about the ensuing “conversation” between the band and the audience.

This was the ideal situation for AMMM’s first performance of their Still Lettin’ It Roll Tour ‘24.  The band is Chris Allen (Stopgap Solution), Zack Mack (Young Petty Thieves, Brimstone Jones), Zach Myers (Shinedown) and J.R. Moore (Ingram Hill).  Touring drummer is Shawn Zorn.  For this night’s performance, Allen was absent, but the remaining band members put on a stellar show.


After covering hundreds (and hundreds and hundreds) of bands, this performance was, hands down, among my favorite shows… ever.  The musicianship, on-stage camaraderie, rapport and candor by the band members, and overall experience were unparalleled.  From start to finish, these Memphis boys had genuine fun on stage and shared behind-the-scenes anecdotes that had the crowd laughing .  Go to an AMMM performance to feel the magic.

Whether they played their own songs (they have released two studio albums) or others’, each song was introduced with a smile and played with joy.  So many smiles on stage, with refreshing positivity.


Myers, best known as guitarist for Shinedown, did most of the talking to the crowd but the banter between the band members was ongoing.  Singing was shared all around.  Each band member took vocal lead throughout the evening – the entire set was wonderfully collaborative and definitely spontaneous (the prepared setlist is apparently a mere suggestion, and nothing quite goes according to a plan).


The band played a mix of songs, from Shinedown (“Second Chance) to Queen (“Fat Bottomed Girls”) to The Eagles (“Take It Easy”), closing with the band’s own “Let It Roll.”

At one point, Myers indicated that he rarely does interviews with media because the questions are always the same; things like, “Do you ever get tired playing the same songs over and over?”  His reaction to this question was to tell the crowd that whenever he performs a song like “Second Chance” live, he knows that somewhere in the audience is a person who has never heard the song live, and who is struggling with a loss (a mother, a father, etc), and he is performing it for that person.  He said he “never gets tired of singing for you.”


The band also stayed after the show to meet fans at their merch booth.  Not something you see every day.

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone looking for a joyful, raucous-yet-personal night out to attend an AMMM performance.  There will be no regrets, and plenty of memories will be made.  You will sing, you will smile and you will have a blast.  Check the band’s website ( for tour dates.

Check out the image carousel below for more photos from the night’s performance.


Linda Carlson
Linda has been photographing people since she was ten. Forever intrigued by the complex beauty of the human form, she brings the eye of a portraitist to the unpredictability and spectacle of the concert scene.