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Flyana Boss & Honey BXBY // Live @ Axis Club // 2.28.24

Article and Photos by: Stephanie Snape


Toronto, On – The anticipation was off the charts at Axis Club as an eager crowd waited for besties, Bobbi LaNea Taylor and Folayan Omi Kunerede, otherwise known as Flyana Boss to take the stage. Before that, we got two incredibly energetic openers that would have succeeded in turning any casual listener into a fan. Both Ramaj Eroc and Honey BXBY’s performances had the crowd jumping and screaming along.

Ramaj Eroc was first in the lineup–joined by Hona Costello–with an incredible set that hyped the audience up and helped set the vibe for the evening. This show was one of the first ones he’s done on tour–following Chicago and Detroit–but you would be hard-pressed to believe that, given the stage presence and energy that he puts into his set, no matter the length. His set included “It’s Up” which cleverly references the headliner amongst other songs and closed out his set with enthusiastic participation from the audience as they sang the chorus to his 2019 single “t*tties.”

Honey BXBY came out after a short DJ set and graced the crowd with both her stunning vocals and her adorable early 2000s-inspired outfit. The New Jersey native’s set included hits like “Touchin’” and “Fkn him too.”Honey BXBY is a performer who puts a lot of soul into her craft; this is clearly well-received by her fans as the audience did not hesitate to sing her lyrics back to her. Even during dance breaks, her music got the crowd moving and ready to party.

Flyana Boss was last in Toronto while touring with Janelle Monåe, but this time they were back and bigger than ever, headlining their own tour. So big in fact, that they had to find a bigger venue than the one originally scheduled. The rap duo took over the stage as part of their Bosstanical Garden tour and were dressed in the cutest garden-themed outfits.

Their set included new music like “Candyman.” And popular singles like “B*tch imma star.” And “Big one.” They closed out the show with their viral hit “You Wish.” which is well known on TikTok as they’ve been seen running through different spaces, which is one faucet that caught everyone’s attention. This was one of their highly anticipated songs, so hearing it live sent the crowd into mayhem, in the best way possible.

Their energy is contagious, and the way they inspire listeners to break the mould is something that you don’t see too often these days.