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Album Review: Safeguard – I’m a Stranger to Myself

Article by: Andrea Chvatal


Safeguard is a pop punk band from York whose latest EP I’m a Stranger to Myself debuted on December 1st.

The EP starts with a jamming instrumental “Crux” that highlights the band’s obvious skill level and ability to hone in on and deliver true pop punk feels. Next was “Harbour,” which continues the energy moving forward and was a personal favorite. Fans of Neck Deep or Knuckle Puck would likely jam to this song on repeat. This song is filled with nautical images used to depict heartbreak and hesitation in going after what you want. It certainly pulls at the heartstrings.

The third song “November” slows down the pace, with lyrics about first noticing another and falling for them. The lyrics are catchy and the song got my toes tapping. The more times I listened through this song, the more I became a fan. The final song “No Man’s Land” was the only track that left me wanting more. Though the lyrics cut deep and resonated, the song felt a bit out of place to end this four song EP.

Overall, this EP highlighted Safeguard’s skill for both musically and lyrically. I would be interested to see what they do with a full album!


I’m a Stranger to Myself

  1. Crux
  2. Harbour
  3. November
  4. No Man’s Land


You can listen to Safeguard’s EP on Spotify or Apple Music.

Andrea Chvatal
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