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Yonder Mountain String Band // Live @ The Buckhead Theatre // 1.19.18

Photos and Article by Andrés Alvarado


Atlanta, GA – Colorado progressive bluegrass outfit Yonder Mountain String Band journeyed their musical offerings to Atlanta’s chic Buckhead Theatre. Working the winter leg of their Love. Ain’t Love Tour, Allie Kral and the boys jammed the night away to a sizeable onslaught of jam-band fiends. Unlike most bands, Yonder Mountain does not possess a lead member/singer, focusing instead on a committee-led approach which suits fine and well for the group prototype that YMST is and the breed of show they run on the live circuit.

Ben Kaufmann of Yonder Mountain String Band

Presentation-wise, one can say that it boasts of mellow vibes inducive of nonstop foot-taps and head-bobs, yet riddled of dynamic and energetic solo intervals that carve out a bevy of oohs and aahs amongst the heavy clapping. With assistance from an array of distinct colorful lighting, this Rocky Mountains quintet handsomely utilizes its musical gusto over roughly 120 minutes to charm smiles onto their onlookers’ faces and lead us on a journey of bluegrass bonanza not soon to be forgotten. Whether it’s Ben Kaufmann’s feverish upright bass play, Dave Johnston‘s badass banjo boogies, or Jake Joliff’s entrancing mandolin madness, Yonder Mountain String Band’s live act is what gnarly tunes and fun times are all about.

Dave Johnston of Yonder Mountain String Band

For Yonder Mountain’s upcoming trek stops, be sure to head out to and get the 4-1-1 on when they will come to a venue near you.

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