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Acid King // Live @ Saint Vitus // 10.28.17

Article and Photos by Steven Principato   Brooklyn, NY - Revered as a pioneering force in contemporary Doom/Stoner metal, San Francisco’s Acid King took the stage of the packed and sparsely illuminated halls of Greenpoint’s well-traveled den of magnificent malevolence known as Saint Vitus. The band was formed in 1993 by guitarist/vocalist

Tower // Live @ Saint Vitus // 10.13.17

Article and Photos by Steven Principato   Brooklyn, NY - Just a typical night at Greenpoint’s most well-known hidden den of debauchery, local hellraising act, Tower made themselves at home as they prepared to destroy the familiar stage of Saint Vitus once again. Proudly setting fire to the popular local venue for

Red Fang // Live @ Music Hall of Williamsburg // 12.3.16

Article and Photos by: Steven Principato   Brooklyn, NYC - Effortlessly selling out one of Brooklyn's largest and most significant venues, The music Hall of Williamsburg, a triple threat line-up of stoner-sludge contemporaries comprised of Whores, Torche, and the highly revered Red Fang easily justified the crowd. Drawing out the genre's most ardent disciples, which

Mutoid Man // Live @ Saint Vitus // 11.26.16

Article and Photos by: Steven Principato   Brooklyn NY- Once again returning to perhaps last known bastion of real rock and roll in NYC, the unmarked and dimly lit Saint Vitus,  familiarly adorned with a plethora of tongue and cheek satanic iconography once again prepared for a typical Saturday night. Opening the show was Summoner.

Album Review: The Loom // Here in the Deadlights

Article by: Jopey Maid   Brooklyn based indie band The Loom will be releasing their 3rd album Here in the Deadlights later this month. It is the kind of album that leaves a haunting enchantment on your musical consciousness and rewards you for not skipping songs. It is understandable why The New

Fates Warning, Next to None // Live @ St. Vitus // 10.13.15

Article and Photos by: Steven Principato   NYC - Living in the distant wake of the musically lethargic and guitar solo absent 1990’s,one might wonder if mankind could ever re-discover his long forsaken musical renaissancethey referred to as “Progressive” music. Was this esoteric magic extinct from the theoretically de-evolved modern day musician?