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Yonder Mountain String Band // Live @ Portsmouth Pavilion // 7.10.16

Article by: Wendy Podmenik Darugar
Photos by: Glenn Woodell and Wendy Podmenik Darugar


Bluegrass and history. Roots and revolution. Sunday evening at the Portsmouth Pavilion brought an atmosphere that flashed back to Social Studies lessons taught in high school, and showed us how much has changed since the 60’s, and how much has stayed the same. Yonder Mountain String Band, opener for String Cheese Incident, helped draw a relaxed crowd that hearkened back to the days of the counter culture movement of the 1960’s, “hippies” and love, psychedelia, bare feet, jams inspired by Jerry, bold color, free form dance, all the while on the very same day and time, (nearly literally down the street) our cities in the “757” area were experiencing protests and marches in support of #BlackLivesMatter. The experience was an uncanny feeling of stepping back several decades.

yonder mountain string band_1868

Pieced together back in 1998 in Colorado, the current line up of YMSB includes original members Dave Johnston, Adam Hijala, Ben Kaufman, and newer members Allie Kral and Jacob Joliff. As a group of folks largely not raised on Bluegrass but genres such as alt/rock and punk, YMSB stays true to the traditional mix of instruments such as banjo, mandolin, and fiddle, yet their own revolution is by way of mixing unconventional and unexpected covers such as “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, or in the case of this evening, songs such as “No Rain” by Blind Melon.


The influence of The Grateful Dead’s musical style has proved to be not only enduring but also a jump off point for many modern bands who have become genre-bending and exploratory with blends of funk, jazz, and in this case, bluegrass (informally known as “jamgrass”) that seamlessly blends with the relaxed free form style of jam bands.

yonder mountain string band_1849

YMSB ably satisfies not only the traditional bluegrass enthusiasts’ ear but also draws in a budding new crowd that finds the music relatable and fresh. Please catch YMSB at any of their upcoming tour dates, and their website links to a special promotional contest for a VIP package at their August Red Rocks Amphitheatre show this year. Here’s a few shows:

7/31 Rockygrass Festival, Lyons, CO

8/20 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

8/31 Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua, Bayfield, WI

9/1 Bluestem Center fo the Arts, Moorhead, MN



Wendy Podmenik Darugar // Glenn Woodell
Since entering the world of photography in 2013, WENDY PODMENIK has focused her interest on live music. Her ultimate goal is to successfully present the live music genre as an art form which preserves the expression, emotion, and energy of specific moments in time. ////// GLENN WOODELL spends his musical time working both on and around the stage. He's spent decades behind the lens as a visual artist, and for his career, studied human vision as a scientific researcher. His time on the stage these days is either spent holding on to a bass guitar or a camera.

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