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Metro Station // Live at Stanhope House // 10.14.17

Article and Photos by: Sam Tucker 


Metro Station toured around to Stanhope, NJ and gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Raise the roof!” On their 10th anniversary tour, these famous heartthrobs performed a set of their classics. With a fully packed house, the floor was bouncing with fans singing along to each and every song without missing a beat. They perfomed hits such as “She Likes Girls” and their jam “Seventeen Forever.” They were accompanied by their latest drummer, Spencer Steffan, who gave the rest of the band an epic opening beat. It would be an understatement to say that tonight they made everyone feel young forever!

The main openers are well on their way to be headliners without a doubt. Avion Roe gave off The Script vibes with stronger instrumental backing to their songs and a more punk rock sound. Afterwords, Assuming We Survive took the stage… in fact, they were off and on the stage multiple times due to how interactive they were. Jumping into the crowd, encouraging people to crowd surf for the first time, and bringing their amazing energy through their pop punk/alternative music. Both bands had a wonderful theme of togetherness and positivity throughout their sets.

Although this tour will be the last of Metro Station’s career, they certainly went out strong. They closed up the night with their #1 hit, “Shake It!” and had the entire crowd dancing along.


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