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DragonForce // Live @ Electric Ballroom // 10.13.17

Article and Photos by: Tash Greene


London, England – An abundance of enthusiastic power metal fans filled the Electric Ballroom, as they eagerly awaited the appearance of DragonForce on stage. 

After a delayed start, The Brits opened with “Ashes of the Dawn”; a song full of punch and tasty riffs that triggered a night of crowd-surfing galore.  

Renowned for their hair-whipping, the band did not disappoint, with guitarists Herman Li and Frédéric Leclercq in particular taking part and lapping up the attention, causing the place to bubble over with excitement . 

The legendary “Through the Fire and Flames” set the venue alight and a sea of devil horns and head-banging flooded the room, as lead vocalist Marc Hudson carried through the high notes to finish off the show in unforgettable style.  


Tash Greene
23 y/o Photography Graduate specialising in Live Music Photography